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Laymen Foreign Mission Work Update for 2016 and Request for Support

By Charlie Richmond, Jr., Chairman, Laymen Foreign Mission |  May 15, 2016

National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
Laymen Foreign Mission Ministry Report
Charlie Richmond, Jr., Chairman 

...while working at our mission station in Swaziland and interacting with the mission station administrator Mrs. Mae Simelane, teachers and 300 plus children who attend the Pre-School and Primary Schools, I witnessed something that I must share with you. These little children are so beautiful and so smart. The teachers are so dedicated. Our children and our school ranked #3 in the entire Nation of Swaziland. Their only request from us here in America is a playground. They never had a playground, they only seen pictures of one. The administrator has sent me pictures of what it will look like. A fence with a gate is badly needed to secure the property and protect the children. Thieves are coming onto the property at night. People are wandering onto the property during the day while the children are present...

The conditions mentioned above with God's pastor's and people would not be tolerated in any fashion here in the United States of America. These are our Christian Brothers and Sisters. They are National Baptist. As you can see by the dates I have mentioned above, I need your help NOW!!!. During our trip to Malawi this coming July, we will again visit the mission station in Swaziland. After two years of talking about this playground equipment, I just can't imagine facing those precious children without the money for that playground. Please help. We are Americans, we are African Americans, we are National Baptist. We can do this working together. It is my prayer that God will put it in your heart to give a generous gift toward these very worthy causes...

2016 funds needed to support the Foreign Mission work of our Convention:
  • Playground equipment for the children in Swaziland, South Africa, $2,500.
  • Vehicle for mission station administrator, Pastor Eli Simeon in Bluefields, Nicaragua, $4,000
  • Motor Bike to replace bicycle for Pastor Benson in Haulover, Nicaragua, $1,000
  • Charlie Richmond's July 2016 mission trip to Malawi, South Africa, $5,000
Total needed by June 1, 2016 - $12,500
For more information and to donate, contact: Brother Charlie Richmond, Jr., Chairman

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