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Presidential Address - Dr. Jerry Young - Annual Session 2015

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The President’s Address:
Dr. Jerry Young, President
135th Annual Session - Memphis, TN - September 10, 2015

In his presidential address, Dr. Jerry Young focuses on Transitioning to a Denominational Model, Evangelism, and Comprehensive Christian Education

I have come to this moment with an acute sense of the times in which we live.  I come to this moment with a tremendous sense of the challenges that we face as a church in this secular, humanized culture.  I come here with an acute sense of the challenges the church has because, in the words of John Stott (1), “The world is challenging the church...”  

We live in a difficult time in the history of our country where the church is challenged.  I am tempted to just simply quote you a scripture and do all I can do and then ask Dr. Frank Ray or Dr. Tellis Chapman to close it for me.  [However,] I feel an obligation to see if I can, in the next few moments, try to unpack this vision that God placed in my bosom. I feel some kind of obligation to say to you that I did not dream up this idea of transforming us from just a convention model to becoming a denomination with a witness here in America and in the world abroad...

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President Jerry Young - Bio

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Dr. Jerry Young - "Fast Facts"