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Small Business Faith-Based Development

National Director’s Office/Liaison to the Faith Based Center of the U.S. Small Business Administration

(A Ministry of the NBC, USA, Inc. Faith Based Development Initiative)

Rev. Eldridge Spearman, National Director
Pastor, Mount Jezreel Baptist Church
420 University Boulevard East
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901
Phone:  (301) 431-2800

The mission of the National Director’s Office/Liaison for NBCUSA to the Faith Based Center of the Small Business Administration is to provide service to the Convention’s constituents across the country by sharing SBA information and resources to assist member churches in support of pursuing economic opportunities for our communities while continuing advancement of the cause of Jesus Christ.  

We work with the U.S. Small Business Administration through their office of faith based initiatives to identify resources that will help our churches strengthen the communities where they serve.

For more information about the Faith Based Initiatives of the US Small Business Administration follow this link:


Following are resources designed to help our churches and other organizations manage business-related matters.  Click on the icon next to the resource you want to review for more information.

Information for Starting a Credit Union

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"Information for Starting a Credit Union"


Mount Jezreel Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD


Reverend Eldrige Spearman, Pastor and National Director/Liaison to the U. S. Small Business Administration, NBC, USA, Inc. Faith Based Development Initiative

Topics covered include:

  • Credit Union Facts    
  • How to Start a Credit Union    
  • Estimated Start-Up and Operating    
  • Costs in Chartering a Credit Union (White Paper on Start-Up)
  • NCUA Contact for Starting Credit Union    
  • Facts about Federal Credit Union    
  • Chartering & Field of Membership Manual (Table of Contents/Partial Manual)
  • Guideline for NCUA’s Express    
  • Chartering Procedure
  • Credit Union Merger and Conversion Manual    
  • Christian Community Credit Union
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Questions concerning Information for Starting a Credit Union can be directed to Minister Brown by email at: