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News from the National Baptist Laymen

The following news articles are for and about National Baptist Laymen.  If you have a story or news you would like to share on this website, please contact Bill Campbell, General Secretary by email at:

President Burke reminds Laymen about Disaster Relief

Hello Everyone, President Burke is asking the National Baptist Laymen to …Read More

Laymen relaunch monthly newsletter

President Willie Burke had a desire for the National Baptist Laymen's …Read More

Eastern Progressive Missionary Baptist District Association Laymen Movement Men's Conference

Eastern Progressive Missionary Baptist District Association Laymen …Read More

Laymen Report Disaster Relief Efforts Valued at more than 500K at Mid Winter Board Session

We encourage our Convention family to continue to support the efforts of the …Read More

National Baptist Laymen Sponsor 9th Annual Fellowship Cruise

National Baptist Laymen's Movement 9th Annual …Read More

Willie Burke Honored at Laymen's Breakfast

Dear Fellow National Laymen & Supporters, Deacon Willie Burke, Layman …Read More

National Baptist Laymen to Minister and Serve at the City Union Mission in Kansas City

The National Baptist Laymen's Shelter Ministry team will minister and …Read More

Laymen publish schedule of evangelism activities to be held during the Congress Session in Tampa

The National Baptist Laymen have published their schedule of evangelism …Read More

Laymen announce busy agenda for the upcoming Congress of Christian Education meeting

The Laymen and Jr. Layment have a B-U-S-Y schedule and many events planned …Read More