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2016 Annual Session Highlights


2016 Annual Session Greeting from President Young

To the Officers, Board Members, Pastors, Preachers, Messengers and Friends of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.:

Greetings and welcome to the 136th Annual Session of our Convention here in Kansas City, Missouri, a city “Where Victors Are Crowned,” where more than 20,000 National Baptists will assemble, who, because of their belief in and submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ, will one day wear the ultimate crown as we assemble in that heavenly city! I greet you in the name of Him who wore a crown of thorns that we might one day, because of His death, burial, and resurrection, wear a crown of righteousness, not because of ourselves but because of His perfect sacrifice!

It is with a renewed hope and riveting anticipation that I look with confidence and expectancy to an exceptional time together as we convene to do the work that our God has called us to do. This past year has been bustling with purposeful activity, all geared toward making our Convention stronger and better for the glory of God. As we press toward the mark of a denominational model, I yet envision our future, exceptionally, believing that with God, all things are possible.

I am most grateful to the chairman of the host committee, Dr. John Modest Miles, his co-chair, Dr. Rogers Kirk, and for each committee member for their untiring work in orchestrating and hosting our visit to Kansas City. For each of our constituents,
attendees, and friends, I pray that your time here will be meaningful, fruitful, and selfrenewing as you attend the sessions, all designed for our growth and information.

Yours in the Ministry and Mission of Christ and His Church,

Jerry Young, President
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.


In Continuous Pastoral Ministry - 2016 Honorees

The following pastors were honored for 50 years or more of service as a pastor at the 136th Annual Session meeting in Kansas City, MO on September 8, 2016 during the President's Hour:

Reverend Lexcie E. Aiken, GA
Reverend Bertrand Maurice Bailey, Sr., OK
Reverend Lennon Brown, TX
Reverend France A. Davis, UT
Reverend Merrell Davis, GA
Reverend J. B. Ficklin, Jr., CA
Reverend William H. Granger, AL
Reverend W. L. Hightower, MS
Reverend Willie C. Jones, CO
Reverend Raymond L. Lassiter, Jr., VA
Reverend George C. McCutchen, Sr., OK
Reverend R. C. Mullins, AL
Reverend Clarence P. Noble, AL
Reverend Leon Owens, AL
Reverend Robert W. Perry, CT
Reverend John R. Peterson, OH
Reverend Harold H. Rapp, Sr., LA
Reverend C. W. Ray, MS
Reverend John E. Roberts, OH
Reverend Leon F. Ross, AL
Reverend J. A. Sills, MS
Reverend Perry Simmons, Jr., NJ
Reverend Clayton E. Taylor, Sr., GA
Reverend Ronald Eugene Terry, Sr., GA
Reverend Frank D. Tucker, MD
Reverend Curtis Walker, MS
Reverend Charlie Wright, Jr., GA

For more information, application forms and photographs, visit:  

50 Years In Continuous Pastoral Ministry

Photograph Highlights

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Board Meeting - 9/5/2016

Opening Musical - 9/5/2016

Opening Session - 9/6/2016

President's Education Banquet - 9/6/2016

Afternoon Session - 9/7/2016
           Evening Session - 9/7/2016

Morning Session - President's Address - 9/8/2016

50 Years in Pastoral Ministry - 9/8/2016

Session with Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton - 9/8/2016

Closing Session - 9/9/2016


2016 Annual Session Downloads


136th Annual Session Official Program

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Home Mission Board Compassion & Care Connection (2016 Annual Session Report)

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Laymen 2016 Annual Session Report

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Music and Worship Arts 2016 Annual Session Report

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Schedule At A Glance for Annual Session 2016

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