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Learn How to Become - Financial Resources for Women

After years of women trailing behind men in college attainment, there are now more women graduating from college than men. However, the cost of attending college and graduate school has been steadily rising over the years – even after accounting for inflation – leading to higher levels of student debt. Many financial aid opportunities are created specifically for female students seeking higher education. By taking advantage of grants, scholarships, loans and alternative means of funding, women have an easier path toward their desired education and career. Continue reading to learn about the importance of financial aid for female students, where to find funding, and how to secure it.
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Addiction Resource Scholarships awards $3,000 in scholarships each year to students who share their vision for an addiction-free world.

Addictive substances abuse has killed more people than every American war combined, and more than 10 times over. Many victims of drug addictions feel as though they are fighting a war themselves.

Through the years, millions of lives have been damaged due to drug abuse and addiction. In the US, there are an estimated 3.6 million people who are addicted to some form of drug, whether for recreation or by prescription. These include people who accidentally become dependent, and eventually addicted to painkillers like Opioids.

With the AddictionResource Scholarship, we want to challenge current and prospective college students to share their story on how we can make the world addiction-free.

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AlcoRehab Scholarships is proud to award $6,000 in scholarships each year to three students, who share their vision on the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction.

If you are concerned with the effects of alcohol abuse and addiction and want to help raise awareness of its dangers, we encourage you to share your vision and have a chance to win money to cover your educational expenses.

The submitted essays must not exceed 1,200 words and should answer the following questions:

• How alcohol abuse and addiction affects the modern society?
• What steps can be taken to decrease the impact of alcohol abuse and addictions on people and society?

The winning applicants will be determined based on the essay content, style and originality. Judges are looking for logically organized and well-supported essays.

Deadline is February 1st
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Tom Joyner Foundation and Dark And Lovely Launch Young Women With Purpose Project

The Tom Joyner Foundation and Dark and Lovely ® are working together on this new initiate, a scholarship and internship arrangement available to the institutions that have partnered with The Tom Joyner Foundation 2015 School of the Month program.
Open to all young ladies on the sophomore or junior level at these HBCUs. Students must be enrolled full time and be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or better) with their HBCU.
To apply, students must complete the online application and provide all requested information. A biography and photo will be required if selected.

Click here to learn more and to apply
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GoGrad Graduate Education Resources

"There are many moving parts to take into consideration when planning your education. If you decide to pursue your education beyond a bachelor’s degree, planning becomes even more complex."  While this website is mostly geared towards promoting online education, it also offers all prospective graduate students assistance in "choosing, applying for, and financing a graduate education."  There are also many resources for special issues, such as women and veterans in graduate education and taking the GRE and LSAT.
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Medical Financial Aid Opportunities

Paying for college and professional school is more challenging than ever. Even though you are pursuing a career that involves helping people and potentially saving lives, you still need to pay for it. Fortunately, various scholarship and financial aid opportunities can take a little bit of the sting out of paying for healthcare education. We have compiled a list to help get you started. 
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Financial Aid Resources from Best Colleges

Tuition can add up, but students rarely have to pay the full sticker price for their higher education. Learn about the financial aid options available that can help you lower the cost of your degree, and utilize our comprehensive scholarship database to search for more aid opportunities.

Resouces on this website include:
  • An Overview of Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid for Online Colleges
  • Understanding the FAFSA
  • Financial Aid Opportunities for Minority Students
  • Financial Aid Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
  • Financial Aid Guide for Military and Veterans
  • College Scholarship Database (more than 20,000 Scholarships!)
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Affordable Colleges Online Financial Aid & Scholarships Resources

Affordable Colleges Online offers a College Learning & Resource Center with information about financial aid & scholarships for college.  Topics range from Debt-Free College Degree, Financial Aid for Minorities, Financial Aid for Women, Scholarships for Students with Disabilities and more.  Click on the "Financial Aid and Scholarships" tab.