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Voting Rights Resources for Faith Communities

2016 Faith Leaders' Toolkit for Civil Engagement -
The Freedom Sunday Coalition

The Toolkit Includes:
  • Ten ways to protect voting rights
  • Ten Tips for Reaching Young Voters
  • Sample Voter Engagement Events and Activities
  • What's at Stake in 2016
  • Social Media Guide
  • Sample Pulpit Announcement
  • Sample Church Bulletin Announcement
  • Sample Sermon Scriptures
  • Do's and Dont's on Political Activities for Churches & Pastors

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2014 Voting Rights Toolkit - Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law President and Executive Director Barbara R. Arnwine
  • Letter from National Faith Leaders
  • Listening to the Giants: Congressman John Lewis on Why This Toolkit Matters
  • FAQs about Voting Rights
  • Sample Voting Rights Flyer
  • Sample Agenda for a Voting Rights Awareness Event 
  • Voting Rights Meeting Sign-up Sheet
  • Social Media Toolkit 
  • The American Voting Experience: Report and Recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration 
  • Lawyers’ Committee Report to Presidential Commission on Election Administration 
  • Fact Sheet: The National Voter Registration Act of 1993
  • Fact Sheet: The Help America Vote Act of 2002
  • Fact Sheet: Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014
  • Voting Rights Advocacy Organizations 
  • Voter Restriction Tactics Today
  • Get Involved: 5 Key Ways You Can Protect Voting Rights
  • Resources
  • Important Contact Information